Robotics and Automation Lab

To create and develop the idea of students towards the realization of a practical application, the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has formed Robotics and Automation Laboratory. This aims at providing basic knowledge of electronics and will also help students to use these concepts to come up with constructive and useful Embedded Electronics Systems. This laboratory will have three levels, Beginner (II year), The Challenger (III year), Facilitator (IV year) where experienced seniors transfer their knowledge to Newbie’s junior. The Robotics and Automation Laboratory plans various lectures, workshops, projects as well as competitions throughout the year concerning both Analog as well as digital electronics, Microcontrollers, Internet of Things and makes the participants to engage in learning practical electronics engineering. 


  • To make the students knowledgeable in the field of Embedded System.
  • To create a platform for sharing innovative ideas among tech-wizards and to generate ideas/ product/ technologies.


  • Arrange various training program on the basics of embedded system and interfacing of peripherals for students.
  • Support Student participation in various competition like e-Yantra, MAZEMARIZE etc,.


a)  Introductory lecture on sensors.
b)  Lecture on basic electronics for freshers.
c)  Lecture on Arduino microcontroller board.
d)  Lecture on wireless communication with Zigbee.
e)  5 Day Short Term Course on Arduino Programming Fundamentals and Proteus Design Suite 8.0


Status: Completed
Members: P. Harshavardhan and Abhilash 

Description: How easy it would be if we could control all the appliances in our homes with a touch of our mobile phone screen. This project uses an Android smartphone to control home appliances.

Status: Completed
Members: Midhul, Revanth 

Description : To avoid the power wastage from street lamps when no vehicle/human is passing near a street lamp, we designed a project where we can automate street lamps to glow only whenever a vehicle/human passes near the lamp and for the rest of the time the lamp is switched off to avoid power wastage. 

Status: Ongoing
Member : Shreyash, Sai Charan

Description: Here, by using a cell phone we controls the home appliances from anywhere in the world (In Network Area). The receiver receives the modulated signal and demodulates it and the user input. In this system, we are going to make a DTMF based home/office appliance.